Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Fun! Well, for some of us.

The Whidbey Island tri (1/2 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 3.8 mile run) is a long sprint triathlon (meaning it's shorter than an olympic distance tri, but longer than most sprints)'s also been called a cyclist's tri, b/c for an experienced triathlete, the swim takes less than 15 min., the very hilly bike ride takes over an hour, and the run takes less than 40 minutes. Unfortunately, the cycling is definitely where I need the most work. Despite this, I'm determined to do this tri every summer I can. It's a gorgeous area, a nice clear, clean lake, the volunteers are all very friendly and it's always well organized.

This year, it happened to fall the weekend of our sisters' I mentioned this to everyone and said that I'd really like to participate if it didn't mess up other plans...and everyone else decided they'd like to do the triathlon too! Yippee!!!

I don't think there's anything funnier than watching a bunch of people trying to
wriggle into super tight wetsuits.
Almost time to start!

After the warm-up...mentally prepping for the next few backing out now.
And yes, I know I have huge arms and shoulders.

Here's how the tri played out for me...if you're not interested don't read.
I'd been taking open water swim classes, which helped my swim time, despite the fact that during the start I was kicked in the face by a swimmer I was trying to pass. It wasn't intentional, she just wasn't swimming straight. It knocked my goggles off, gave me a little bruise next to my eye, and shook me up a bit. Once I finally relaxed into my pace and position in the swim I was fine though.
You can see the bruise near the inside of my eye.

Then, near the beginning of the cycling portion my bike chain came off. Grr, this was a little frustrating as I was on a steep incline, and I had a hard time getting clipped in and moving again. I finally walked up someone's driveway w/ my bike and road down it, to get enough momentum to get up the hill.
Everything else went fairly smoothly (very slowly but smoothly) for me. Although I had some bumps along the way, I was happy w/ my time. Considering I just had a baby 9 months ago...and spent a lot of last year unable to exercise I couldn't have expected more.
My mom, Sara and Jen raced as a relay team, and placed 2nd in their category. My mom even beat me in the swim.
Jen looks like she's skipping to the finish line here.

This picture was stolen from my friend Deb's commentary as an observer at triathlons..found here.
And I think Lisa (first time triathlete) was just happy to be done, and will never let us talk her into doing anything ever again. She was a very good sport about it.

Cynthia placed 2nd in her age group.
Here she is w/ Sara, who did an awesome job on the bike ride.

Here we are the day after... none the worse for wear.
Note the glasses strategically covering my bruised eye.
Pretty sexy, huh?
Not too pleased w/ the fact that they write our age on the back of our leg...So
discouraging to watch some 60 yr. old lady fly past you on the run.

Next summer my goal is to do an olympic distance tri. (1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 10K run). Who's with me???! Anyone??!


Elder and Sister Fox said...

I always thought a marathon or a triatholon would be at the very bottom of my list of things to do. (Tom of course did several marathons.) I'm so impressed that you all had fun doing this together.

Jen said...

Great post Heidi!! and I am glad for you that all the CPS stuff is over with. Hope you you enjoy the few hours of quiet when the kids start school. Oh, and I noticed you only listed one teacher name for kindergarten, are the twins going to be in the same class?

Wendy and Rick said...

Love the numbers on your legs. Thought the legs on the left were yours at first. Was thinking you were still to young to start lying about your age. Give it another yr.I'm right up there with Lisa. i am content to never do another tri! Love the picture of Sophie. Yes I am enjoying the kids being at school, but it is a little quite around here. Work and PTA and being in the YW is keeping me pretty busy though.

The Martinez Family said...

I always wanted to do a triathlon but I am afraid of falling off my bike. LOL I just want you to know that I 100% admire you!

Andrea -- said...

I love the expression on your mom's face as she's wriggling into her wetsuit!! You girls rock! I'm so impressed that you all did the tri. Wish I could be an honorary sister :)