Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Pictures of 2008

So I've been slacking on the blog front, so here's a little retrospective of the previous year. These are some of my favorite pictures from last year. Hope they make you smile.
At the Mayne Ranch in MO.

Our weekend away, Olympic National Park.

Claire jumping off the bed to Donald. I have pics of them all, but she's the only who leapt from the bed w/ no sign of fear in her face.

James and his tinkertoys. Here's his transformer. It's a rocket....

....it's a robot.

Claire and Hannah w/ faces painted.

Lisa and Jillian at the family reunion.

Elias playing alphorn at the family reunion

Just past Aspen, CO on the way to independence pass. The highest paved road in the lower 48.
All Boy! Independence Pass, CO.

Hannah puddle jumping in our driveway.

My cheering section at the Whidbey Island Triathlon. My friend Deb took this picture. Donald is such a great father, and I think this picture shows that.

Getting a quick drink before I begin my run.
Hope we can make as many great memories in the years to come!