Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just Bugsy

Hi all! We're very excited to announce that we're expecting baby # 5. I've been feeling pretty crummy lately, but today I had long moments of no nausea. Wahoo! I'm hoping THAT part of it is behind me. I'm 13 weeks along, and starting to look chubbier...not pregnant though. Had an ultrasound and yes, there is only one baby in there. Phew!
We broke the news to the kids a few weeks back. That night at dinner time they were discussing names. The kids couldn't fathom not having twins. Here are their name suggestions:
Jillian likes Evangelina (not sure where she heard it. It's pretty but a mouthful).
James is convinced we're having twin boys and wants to name them Harry and Max.
Hannah likes the names Rachael (after her favorite babysitter) and Zane (Zane is her closest friend in preschool). Zane of course is off the list along w/ all other names that rhyme w/ Mayne (and there are a lot)...Elaine, Blaine, Duane, Charmane, Dane...
Claire (who has named every one of her dolls and stuffed animals after her Aunt Lisa) said in her prayer that night, "Please bless baby Bugsy and baby Lisa in mommy's tummy." So I think we're going with Bugsy...atleast that's what we'll call the little tadpole, until it loses its tail and we know its gender.
There's been lots of other stuff going on here as well, but I'm tired and lazy, and not in the mood to write about it all now, so it will have to wait. Hope you're all well!