Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's about time!!!!

I know, right?! Been way too long since I've updated this thing...and now it's to the point where I don't even know where to begin. My biggest problem w/ the blog is that I don't particularly enjoy writing...and when I'm tired (which is all the time) my desire to write decreases even more! Since I last wrote we've had birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and I've had trip to Hawaii (Huh WOW ee as Hannah says it) and a sisters' reunion...and we added another sweet little girl to our family. I guess I'll start w/ talking about Sophia and her entrance into this world. If you don't want the details of labor just skip to the next paragraph (I'm only supplying them b/c some of you have asked). I began having good strong regular contractions on Sat. Oct 17th. They were about 15 min. apart...and uncomfortable enough that I was having trouble sleeping. By Sunday they really had kicked in and after sitting through an hour of church they were less than 10 min. apart. Since I usually progress rather rapidly after 4 cm I thought it best to get to the hospital. So we did. I was only at 2 cm. They told me to hang out, walk around and come back in an hr. So we did....and when they checked I was at 3 cm. Within a few hrs I was dilated to 4. So we waited....and waited... (the Dr. gave me an ambien to help me sleep the night....I'm thinking it was as much for his benefit and mine)and my contractions actually stopped for awhile that night. The next day they started back in again...and we waited and waited....and I was still at 4 cm. SOOOO, they broke my water....that didn't do anything, they gave me pitocin , that didn't do anything (just the same nice strong, painful contractions, but no progress) That was when I finally asked for an epidural. Long story short (too late) Sophia's head was resting against my hip and my body wasn't gonna progress until she decided to drop down into place. By this point I was getting pretty hungry, exhausted, worried and frustrated (I'm sure all the hormones weren't helping)....I was also wondering if I was gonna be heading to the OR for a C-section. They checked me at 4:00pm and I was STILL at 4 cm and very close to tears. Then about 15 min. later the nurses noticed a change in Sophia's heart rate and came to check on us....they glanced down and said..."don't push, she's coming out and we need to page the Dr!" Lovely! With the epidural I didn't even realize I was giving birth. Kind of crazy! Half a push later Sophia Joyce Mayne was born Oct 19th at 4:18 weighing 6lbs 14 oz, and measuring 20 in. She's a very sweet, mellow, happy baby...and I can tell already she's going to be a talker. She responds to almost everything we say w/ her's pretty funny...none of the others were quite this communicative at this age.So that's been the biggest news of late...We had a few rough weeks w/ sickness and nursing issues after she was born, thankfully, my mom was able to come and help out. I couldn't have survived w/o her. My parents also came up here for Thanksgiving and Sophia's baby blessing. It was great having them here. Nov was a record month for rain, which was unfortunate to have while my parents were here, but we still managed to play tourists. Of course, since they left it's been very dry and cold here...usually the blanket of overcast keeps us a little warmer, but not this Dec. I'm thinking my primroses may not survive it. I am enjoying the blue skies and sunshine though...and the fact that the days are beginning to lengthen. Jillian had been praying for a white Christmas but it didn't happen this year. Hopefully we'll get a couple days of snow for the kids to enjoy. We still managed to have a great Christmas. I think I enjoy it more now, as a parent than I did as a kid...although it's definitely more work. :)Claire and her polly pocket princesses
New PJs from Grandma!

Next year will bring a few changes...I'm going to be playing the organ at church (something new I've been learning) and we have 9 am church....I figure we'll be getting up very early to make it there in time for me to play prelude music. I'm not looking forward to the Sundays Donald has work. I'm also the Achievement Day's Leader. It's a bimonthly faith building activity for the girls ages 8-11. I'm really excited about getting to know the girls better, working with them on some of their goals and participating in activities that bring them closer to Christ and increase their understanding of the gospel.

I have to share this...b/c Claire is definitely her mother's daughter....I used to be quite the daredevil and luckily had the coordination necessary to not injure myself. When I was young we had a little mini trampoline and one day I decided to try to run, jump, flip and land on the other side. Luckily I was successful on the first try but I remember the look of horror on my mom's face when I had her come watch me for the first time....interesting how the idea of failure had never entered my mind.
The other day Claire, age 4, called me into the living room...and then (as I stood in horrified stupor) she did a flip from the recliner onto the couch and landed on her bottom. To which I responded, "Wow! That was crazy." In all serious she retorted, "No mom, THAT was awesome." I pray she's coordinated enough that she won't break her neck in any of the other awesome stunts she tries.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!! I'd like to say that I'll be better about updating the blog in the new year....but I'll admit it's not anywhere near the top of the priority don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just Bugsy

Hi all! We're very excited to announce that we're expecting baby # 5. I've been feeling pretty crummy lately, but today I had long moments of no nausea. Wahoo! I'm hoping THAT part of it is behind me. I'm 13 weeks along, and starting to look chubbier...not pregnant though. Had an ultrasound and yes, there is only one baby in there. Phew!
We broke the news to the kids a few weeks back. That night at dinner time they were discussing names. The kids couldn't fathom not having twins. Here are their name suggestions:
Jillian likes Evangelina (not sure where she heard it. It's pretty but a mouthful).
James is convinced we're having twin boys and wants to name them Harry and Max.
Hannah likes the names Rachael (after her favorite babysitter) and Zane (Zane is her closest friend in preschool). Zane of course is off the list along w/ all other names that rhyme w/ Mayne (and there are a lot)...Elaine, Blaine, Duane, Charmane, Dane...
Claire (who has named every one of her dolls and stuffed animals after her Aunt Lisa) said in her prayer that night, "Please bless baby Bugsy and baby Lisa in mommy's tummy." So I think we're going with Bugsy...atleast that's what we'll call the little tadpole, until it loses its tail and we know its gender.
There's been lots of other stuff going on here as well, but I'm tired and lazy, and not in the mood to write about it all now, so it will have to wait. Hope you're all well!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Pictures of 2008

So I've been slacking on the blog front, so here's a little retrospective of the previous year. These are some of my favorite pictures from last year. Hope they make you smile.
At the Mayne Ranch in MO.

Our weekend away, Olympic National Park.

Claire jumping off the bed to Donald. I have pics of them all, but she's the only who leapt from the bed w/ no sign of fear in her face.

James and his tinkertoys. Here's his transformer. It's a rocket....'s a robot.

Claire and Hannah w/ faces painted.

Lisa and Jillian at the family reunion.

Elias playing alphorn at the family reunion

Just past Aspen, CO on the way to independence pass. The highest paved road in the lower 48.
All Boy! Independence Pass, CO.

Hannah puddle jumping in our driveway.

My cheering section at the Whidbey Island Triathlon. My friend Deb took this picture. Donald is such a great father, and I think this picture shows that.

Getting a quick drink before I begin my run.
Hope we can make as many great memories in the years to come!