Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Merry Christmas! 

We are in our 2nd yr. of Donald's unaccompanied tour to Japan. He has spent the majority of his time with VAQ 141 on the USS George Washington (now in Norfolk for RCOH) and USS Ronald Reagan. We've been lucky enough to stay her on beautiful Whidbey Island during his absence. We've visited Donald twice this year, and have loved the opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Japan, and learn more about theJapanese people. Donald was able o return home for a week in August and will be home for a couple weeks at Christmas. 
Jillian (14) has caught her stride, is excelling academically, and had a great freshman volleyball season. Her biggest interests are music, reading, humanitarian work, and writing. She is an old soul in a young body, and I love our conversations together. 

James (13) is an energetic, fun loving, goof ball. He loves music, math, track & field, drama club, and drawing. He's very dedicated, creative artist, and I love seeing a little of what's rolling around in that brain of his. He not only has a hefty role in the | upcoming drama production, but also did the set design sketches. 

Claire (11) loves school, running, piano, baking, fashion, and basketball. Whatever she does, she gives it 100%. She is my reliable little go-getter, always willing to help. She is rocking he first year of middle school, with her lowest grade being a 97%! 

Hannah (11) is my passionate, introspective, animal lover. She is a talented reader and writer, who loves performing, being outside with her horse, Cody, and playing piano. She's playing trumpet in the school band, and is participating in drama for the 3rd year. Last winter she was Jim Hawkins in the school production of Treasure Island and had a solo. 

Sophia (7) is a gregarious, energetic 2nd grader. She LOVES stories; Telling them, hearing them, and writing them. She has never met a stranger, and is curious about everything. Her favorite things are talking, playing games, elephants, math, PE, and recess. 

I am staying busy with the kids, house, yard/garden, piano students, accompanying the high school choir and church congregation. I also run regularly to burn off the crazy. Donald will be in Japan a little longer, after which time he'll rejoin us on Whidbey to finish his military career. He is doing great things as a career counselor and was just named sailor of the year.